Unified SME Manager - An Artificial Intelligent ERP

USM drives all critical business operations effortlessly to stay at the forefront of evolving technologies.

Get Real Time insight of your Business at any time from any where

5 Signs of Business Growth with USM
  • Integrated Digital Technology with all Modules(Accounts, Sales, Support & HR)
  • Business Automation
  • Integrated Communication
  • Customer & Team Connectivity
  • Cost effectiveness

Today's SMEs- Thousands of Small Enterprises are being registered in every country Daily & Our bad luck- Thousands of Small enterprises are also getting closed daily.

Many Experts might have different reasons behind the shutting down of large number of small enterprises daily in every country. on the other hand, Several educated youngsters have vision to do for themselves & for country but they are getting failed.

Having gone through long journey from small enterprise to large enterprise with various level of responsibilities & other source of information, This heart touching failure of budding entrepreneur has been felt by Our Founder & CEO. This visionary Man has come out with the solution of Major part of failure as a Unified SME Manager.

Unified SME Managers- USM asists Small Enterprises to take them to the next mile of journey towards their Goal. It has been seen that despite having strong Idea, Enterprise must have following things-

  1. Cost effective Process management
  2. Fully automated so that man power hiring expenses can be saved
  3. More focus on execution of Core Idea rather than managing other things
  4. Availability of Strategic data to take next course of action / decision
  5. Live Tracking of day to day routine processes
  6. Availability of real time monitoring when it's required (24x7X365)
  7. Recording of information
  8. Budget Monitoring
  9. Identification of high performers who are just like blood in vein for enterprise
  10. Fund Tracking, Lead Tracking, Customer behaviour analysis, Evaluation of High Performers are core of the enterprise just like Eye, Ear, Nose & teeth for a person's life

Unified SME Manager's Key Features

Cost Effective

It's Cost effective Because-

  1. It's on Cloud
  2. No investment in infrastructure & Management
  3. No investment in hiring respective vertical's expertise

High Quality & Trust worthy

It's High Quality & Trust worthy Because-

  1. USM is the result of rich expertise with various type of enterprise at various level
  2. Powered & Managed by respective experts having rich experience in the domain
  3. Developed by experienced technical team under the supervision of Experts
  4. Tested & verified by industry's experts
  5. Most powerful trust- USM is being used by many SMEs

User Friendly

It's User Friendly Because-

  1. Accessible from any where on the web
  2. Accessible on mobile
  3. Remove dependency of availability in the Office
  4. Accessible 24X7


It's Secure Because-

  1. No fear of loosing data on local computers
  2. Cloud is always highly protected
  3. Availability of Real time Backup
  4. Dedicated Team for supervision for cloud servers